How to Hire a Marketing Assistant for Your Real Estate Team

Paige Ring, the Agency Director at Artifakt Digital shares her insight into how successful real estate teams utilize an agency for graphic design and content work while keeping tasks such as marketing coordination and social media management in-house. Learn how to interview a social marketing assistant for your real estate team, what questions to ask, and red flags to avoid during the hiring process.

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How to Assess Candidate Skills (Real Estate Skill Tests)

You just met with a fantastic candidate for about an hour, the resume is perfect, and they said all the right things. So, what's your next step?

Today we're talking about a critical step in every interview process that far too many people skip over and this is the skill assessment interview. There is no set of interview questions and no online skill test that can compare to putting a candidate at their future desk and having them do some real-world assignments. In today's blog post we are going to talk about how to structure those assignments and some best practices around testing candidates for real estate assistant positions.

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Real Estate Assistant Job Interview Questions

When you interview candidates, you have three main objectives that you need to accomplish during your process. First, of course, you need to verify that the candidate has the skills, experience, and culture fit for your office, but you need to do that while also getting their buy-in. They need to like you as much as you like them. And then, of course, you have to do all of this as quickly as possible because both you and your candidate are busy.

How do you get all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about a candidate and how do you do that as quickly as possible? 

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Hiring Mistakes Realtors Make (and how to avoid them)

Real Estate Agents and Sales People, in general, tend to make hiring decisions with their gut. This works for some, but it is just as likely to end in disaster. With over ten years of experience helping Realtors hire real estate assistants, we have seen every mistake in the book. These are our top four hiring mistakes real estate agents make when hiring and how to avoid them.

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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant, Part-time Assistant, or Shared Assistant

Does this sound like you? You need help growing your business, but you are not ready to take the leap and hire a full-time assistant. You're in that in-between stage. If this sounds like you, keep reading. 

Today, we're talking about what to do between having no assistant and a full-time assistant.

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Skills Assessment Interview Examples

Have you ever asked, “How are your Excel skills?” when interviewing a candidate for an admin position? Or maybe you’ve asked, “Do you know how to use the MLS?” These are fair questions to ask but if someone says that they know how to use Excel what does that really mean? If you require your employee to have specific skills when they join your team then you need to test candidates for those skills before you hire them.

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Are You Ready for a Real Estate Assistant? Is Your Business?

If you can relate to this picture you might be ready to hire your first Real Estate Assistant. But is your business ready as well? Today I'm going to break down the three critical steps you must take before you hire your first Real Estate Assistant. Yes, I know I'm giving you homework, but if you follow these three steps I promise you, you will be prepared for your new hire and they will thank you for it. 

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How Much Are Real Estate Assistant's Paid in 2018?

Are you wondering how much to pay your Real Estate Assistant in 2018? As of July, we have place 48 assistants this year. In this article we break down how much assistants earn in 2018.

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Technology for Real Estate Teams in 2018

With all the technology that’s available to agents and teams, there’s no reason why you should still be spending hours on your marketing or recreating the wheel with your listing systems.

Of course, some tech tools are better than others. Here are a few of our favorite tools and platforms that will enable you to save time, streamline team collaboration and make sure you remain on the cutting edge of marketing and productivity.

There are no affiliate links here - just a list of platforms and tools that we admire.

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Three Systems Your Assistant Wishes You Would Follow

Let’s face it—assistants take on a lot of responsibility in making sure everything runs smoothly for you and your clients, from overseeing transactions to communicating with clients, to updating your database, and maintaining your marketing calendar. But even the best assistants are not mind readers with ironclad memories, which is why it is necessary to put systems in place that keep things running smoothly. It’s part of the job description! Which is why when you, the agent, deviate from those systems, it drives your assistant a little, well… nuts.

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The Secret to Motivating Your Employees

Why do you do what you do? Is it to make the most money or impact people’s lives? Is it to beat the competition or to contribute to the world in a meaningful way? The truth is that everyone needs a reason to do what they do. And while everyone may need a job to pay the bills, money isn't the core motivating factor for most people to do quality work. In fact, it rarely is.

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Learning the Language of Leadership: How to Communicate Effectively With Your Team

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge by hiring an Executive Assistant, it’s possible that one of the things holding you back is the fear of becoming a boss. It’s a huge responsibility! And part of that fear likely stems from not knowing whether you’ll communicate well with your new hire. Suddenly you will need to delegate, provide constructive feedback, and hold someone accountable.

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