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President & Founder

Vanessa Rosenblum

Vanessa wants to live in a world filled with people-first businesses, smiling faces and collaborative spaces. She loves connecting others with the opportunities they need to grow. 


As a thoughtful innovator with a propensity to dream big, Vanessa has over 15 years of experience working with small businesses and coaching entrepreneurs in real estate. She is also the President and Founder of Hire LAB, an educational platform and resource hub for real estate agents.  


When she’s not fearlessly leading her teams into the unknown, Vanessa can be found whipping up a batch of vegan cheese or spending time with her family in the Catalan countryside. 


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Executive Administrator 

Liza Lambert

An organizational guru and expert EA, Liza is the "behind the scenes" team specialist. From contract management to project organization,  Liza ensures that the trains always run on time - even when things get chaotic!


Liza loves geeking out on tracking spreadsheets and updating systems & processes. She has a knack for creating “How-to-Guides," and takes pride in finding new ways to help others succeed.  As the team cheerleader, Liza can always be counted on to use her kind, nurturing personality to raise morale. 


During after-work hours, Liza is a proud mama to her son, enjoys farmers markets and sunsets, sushi, and spending QT with her ‘Ohana.


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Senior Account Manager

Erin Elizabeth

A quick-witted queen of action, Erin is an undeniable driver with a lighthearted, people-first approach. With nearly 20 years of residential real estate experience, she has carried licenses as both a real estate agent and insurance agent. It’s no question; Erin knows her stuff. 


Erin has a knack for reading people and easily builds trust to create momentum. She enjoys unlocking human potential to create possibilities for clients and candidates alike.


In her free time, Erin is an avid health and adventure enthusiast, has a great sense of humor and frequents comedy shows.

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Senior Recruiter

Lauren Browne

Lauren is an avid traveler who spends half her time working from various cities across the U.S. Sunny Florida is the place she calls home; it is the state in which she used to work as a Buyer’s Agent and currently holds a Broker’s License.


Lauren earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from The University of South Florida. Her education provided her with the interviewing skills necessary to analyze and understand human behavior. This, combined with her real estate experience makes her a natural fit for her role with Pro R.E.A. Staffing.

Lauren is an expert at seeking and placing out polished and experienced candidates.


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An unabashed adventure addict and insatiable explorer, Madison thrives on change and unpredictability. 


After 5 years of country-hopping and working with small business owners around the globe, Madison has settled down in Girona, Spain, and is happy to be overseeing the marketing efforts at Pro R.E.A. Staffing. 


Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life makes it possible for her to deliver fun, creative and effective marketing strategies - no matter the product.


Madison is also a writer, yoga instructor, triathlete, musician and fisherwoman. 


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Account Manager & Recruiter

Jam Swinton

Known for her ability to brighten any room, Jam's upbeat attitude is nothing short of infectious. It's no secret; Jam is the go-to guide for hopeful job seekers.


In her early years as a recruiter Jam discovered her passion for Computer Engineering, which led her to pursue a rewarding career as an IT Recruiter. She is known for her uncanny ability to recognize opportunities that are a “perfect fit.”


Jam truly loves knowing that her work brings happiness to others. When Jam isn't busy strategizing with talented job seekers, you can find her reading, binging on Netflix or making delicious desserts.


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Ces De Guzman

“Don't just work hard, work smarter," are Ces’ words to live by when it comes to her work mantra. She believes that working smarter and having grit a mindset is the way to lead in the 21st-century work environment.


As a natural leader, she is not only able to give orders and delegate tasks but is also able to reliably carry out orders as well.


Her passion to engage with people prompted her to seek a career in recruiting. She finds joy in assisting people in finding a job that they are passionate about. 


In her spare time, you would find her honing her skills in public speaking through watching videos online or in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for her family after work.


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Instructional Designer 

Laura Sims

As the resident (and beloved) bookworm, Laura uses her Ph.D. in History from the University of North Carolina to develop engaging and exciting real estate training materials.


Her deep love of learning and teaching makes her excited to show up and share the love - every single day! 


These passions have carried her across the Atlantic, from her home state of Connecticut to her current home in Paris, and from the world of academia into her role as an Instructional Designer at Pro REA Staffing.   


Laura delights in traveling, reading, napping, and being silly with her 2 amazing daughters.


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