Our Interview Process

Your journey (and success!) is important to us. While we can't place every person we interview, we can create a positive experience for every candidate.

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How We Work

  • how we work pro rea

    We are primarily a retained search firm - i.e. business owners hire us to help them fill a specific role in their company. Although our primary focus is finding candidates (like you!) for these clients, we also work with a select group of candidates who have high-demand skills and place them in jobs that fit their requirements. In this situation, the employer will pay our fee upon hire - not you!


    You'll never be charged for landing your dream job.




Find an employer that values you and your contributions. We’ve spent over a decade refining our interview process to ensure that we can pair you up with an employer that supports your professional and financial goals.

  • STEP 1


    It all starts with your resume and cover letter. Apply to one of our open jobs or submit your resume for review. If we think you might qualify, we’ll reach out to schedule a phone interview. 

  • STEP 2


    Dive in with a 15-minute phone interview to discuss your skills, background and goals. If we think we can help you, we’ll ask you to complete a short skills assessment (4 - 7 questions).

  • STEP 3


    If you score 90% or higher on your skills assessment you’ll be invited to meet with our Account Manager Erin for a 20 - 25 minute live video interview.  

  • STEP 4


    Next, we’ll ask you to complete the DISC Behavioral Assessment. The DISC takes about 10 minutes to complete and it offers insight into your communication and decision-making styles, among other things.

  • STEP 5


    We’ll present you to our client (or clients) and if they are as excited about you as we are, we’ll coordinate your interview with them. Oh - and make sure to give us your feedback after the interview! We want to know what you think. 

  • STEP 6


    Our “360 Degree” reference check includes speaking to previous supervisors, co-workers and even vendors, clients or subordinates when necessary. That being said, we never contact anyone to obtain a reference without your written permission.

  • STEP 7


    We will send the offer letter to you, along with an allotted amount of time you have to make a decision. If you have questions or concerns, or if you want to provide a counteroffer, we’re here to help.  

  • STEP 8


    Our involvement doesn’t end when you start your new job. Pro R.E.A. Staffing and Kathleen Metcalf offer a range of resources to help you and your new boss build a lasting partnership.

After your interview, you’ll always hear from us in three days or less. We don’t like to leave people hanging.  

My interview today went very well! 

 I feel I connected with [the client] both on a professional and personal level. I am VERY interested in working for them… also, all the people at Pro REA Staffing have been incredibly professional and I appreciate all you have done!

Tiffany Hammack, Real Estate Assistant

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Pro R.E.A. Staffing helps job-seekers and employers come together to build purpose-driven partnerships in the real estate industry.