Organization from A to Z

When an office functions at a high level of organization, you save time, money and frustration.  Being highly organized means your systems are in place, and many daily tasks are “automatic” in execution.  This frees you and your team up to put more energy into moving forward and allows your productivity to soar! This month’s topic from the Office Procedural Manual Outline is Filing and Mailing System.

How many times have you or your team spent unnecessary minutes, or even hours, looking for a document or item that would have been easily found had it been filed properly?  Do you have pieces of mail, incoming or outgoing, that tend to fall through the cracks?  Stop that time-wasting pattern in its tracks by implementing a Filing and Mailing system that everyone uses and maintains.

Continuing with the Office Procedural Manual, this month we give you page 9, Filing and Mailing systemsBelow is a sample outline for filing and mailing systems and procedures.  You can use this as a starting point for your own system in your Office Manual.


Filing – Electronic Documents

  • All documents will be saved in the appropriate existing Folders (i.e. Buyer Presentations, Correspondence, Listing Presentations, Market Research, etc.)
  • Documents will be labeled in the following manner:  Folder.Name.Initials of Originator, for example


Filing – Physical Documents and Items

  • An Alpha-Numeric System is used for our files.  In regards to property files, please file by Street Name first, Address numbers second.
  • All documents will be filed with the most current in the forward most position in the file.
  • Property files will be organized in the following sections and order:  property information, contracts, escrow documents, disclosures, reports, correspondence.
  • Documents will be filed as soon as possible, and not later than 24 hours after receipt or origination.



Out-going Mail

  • We use four different types of mail services in our office; USPS Standard Rate, USPS Priority Rate, and Fed Ex and Messenger Service.
  • Ask the agent which method is preferred, depending on recipient and urgency.
  • USPS, Standard or Priority, use envelopes and mail meter stamp located in office supply room.
  • Fed Ex, envelopes and labels with pre-printed account information are located in the supply room above the mail meter.  Complete label, affix to envelope or package, and give to front desk.
  • Messenger, address package clearly, take to front desk and log delivery information in Messenger Log Book.


In-coming Mail

  • All mail is to be open and distributed to the appropriate party the day it is received.
  • Please save all marketing pieces for agent review.  We may want to save it as a sample.


The more specific you can be in your Office Procedural Manual the better.  Minimize questions and confusion with clarity.  When your filing and mailing systems are clearly outlined, these important daily tasks become streamlined and automatic for you and your entire office.  With a place for everything and everything in its place, you’ll be sure to know just where something is when you need it.

Here’s to working smarter!  We wish for you a highly organized and productive second half of your year.

Office Procedures_Filing and mailing systems