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Technology for Real Estate Teams in 2018

With all the technology that’s available to agents and teams, there’s no reason why you should still be spending hours on your marketing or recreating the wheel with your listing systems.

Of course, some tech tools are better than others. Here are a few of our favorite tools and platforms that will enable you to save time, streamline team collaboration and make sure you remain on the cutting edge of marketing and productivity.

There are no affiliate links here - just a list of platforms and tools that we admire.

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Three Systems Your Assistant Wishes You Would Follow

Let’s face it—assistants take on a lot of responsibility in making sure everything runs smoothly for you and your clients, from overseeing transactions to communicating with clients, to updating your database, and maintaining your marketing calendar. But even the best assistants are not mind readers with ironclad memories, which is why it is necessary to put systems in place that keep things running smoothly. It’s part of the job description! Which is why when you, the agent, deviate from those systems, it drives your assistant a little, well… nuts.

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Learning the Language of Leadership: How to Communicate Effectively With Your Team

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge by hiring an Executive Assistant, it’s possible that one of the things holding you back is the fear of becoming a boss. It’s a huge responsibility! And part of that fear likely stems from not knowing whether you’ll communicate well with your new hire. Suddenly you will need to delegate, provide constructive feedback, and hold someone accountable.

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