10 Tips For Becoming A World-Class Boss


Real Estate Agents typically have natural leadership skills, however leadership skills do not necessarily translate into being a good manager. Finding your management style and the ability to manage others takes time and effort.  Your ability to engage and encourage your assistant is vital to the daily success of your operation. By managing your assistant effectively, you in turn will see your own success skyrocket. I created this list of 10 tips on becoming a World-Class Boss to encourage agents in their new role as "Manager". I hope you find them helpful.

1. Your weekly meeting with your assistant is a sacred time. Make it essential and plan everything else around it - not the other way around.

2. Your assistant's job description should be crystal clear. Decide who is responsible for each task in your business and stay consistent.

3. Your job is to communicate what the priorities are.

4. Get out of your assistant's way - let them do the job you hired them to do.

5. Hold your assistant accountable for the tasks you assign to them by requiring that everything you assign is written down and the relevant items are reported back to you at the end of the day. You are responsible for reviewing the report and commenting on it.

6. Your assistant depends on clear communication from you in order to do their job. Don't work against your assistant by not telling them what they need to know.

7. Share your goals with your assistant and the steps you are taking to reach those goals.

8. Provide consistent and constructive feedback. It only takes a moment to let your assistant know what you like and what you don't want. The more you communicate your preferences to your assistant, the better they become.

9. Decide what the standards are for your business. Write them down and make sure your assistant knows what they are and that they are essential.

20. And finally...Employee retention takes work. Like you, your assistant has options when it comes to deciding with whom to work. Find out what motivates your assistant and make sure you are meeting their needs. If you don't, you may find yourself without them.