Office Procedural Manual - Important Phone Numbers

For this month of love, caring and connection, we continue with pages 2 and 3 of your Office Procedural Manual: (click on the titles below to download the templates)

Basic Office Information & Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Contacts


These pages provide an easy to locate reference for all your important numbers, including emergency contact information for your colleagues and employees.  In the case of an emergency, it’s important to have the most important contacts at your finger tips for contacting family, friends and loved ones.

As basic as it may seem, the Office Procedure Manual can be used as a training and reference tool for every member of your team.  If you’re a Realtor looking to build a team, this manual is your first order of business to make sure everyone is on the same page.  The “Office Bible” sets a standard of conduct which will bring an air of professionalism to your business.  If you’re an assistant looking to improve functionality for your employer and coworkers, bringing an Office Manual to the table will show what an organized, highly-valued part of the team you are!

Having your business systems in place, whether Office Manual, Data Management, Marketing, Expenses or others, frees you up to focus on dollar-producing activities.  Getting these systems in place may take an initial investment of some time and money.  Once you have them up and running, you’ll be amazed at the freedom it affords you.