Eliminate the Dumb Things

Do you ever get the feeling that you are making things more difficult than they need to be? In the frenzy of daily life it is easy to get stuck in the weeds and lose perspective over what you are doing.

When I work with agents and their teams to improve the productivity in their office, the first thing we do is look for ways to simplify what they are doing.

We work on three areas:


Communication – How does the team communicate with each other? Do people keep a record of what was accomplished and report back? How do people know what the priorities are? Does everyone involved with the team understand that agent’s goals for the company?

Systems – Is there one agreed upon method for doing each recurring task? Is it written down? Is this the most efficient way to accomplish this task?

AccountabilityWhen something is delegated, how does the agent know it was completed? Is the assistant held accountable to their responsibilities? Is the agent held accountable to theirs?

Here are four things you can do to reduce your stress level and improve the productivity in your office. These simple steps will help you gain control over your work, regardless of whether or not you have an assistant.

Write down your Daily / Weekly / Monthly recurring tasks

Everyone, agents and assistants, should have a record of what they need to do on a regular basis. Put these lists in your calendar or some other place that you refer to often. If you are trying to remember that bills need to be paid on the 15th, or that the newsletter goes out on the 20th you are not thinking about growing your business. There is no reason to keep recurring tasks in your head. Write them down!

If it is not a Dollar Productive Activity, have someone else do it

Just because you have always done something doesn’t mean you should be doing it. As a real estate agent your job is to generate new business, negotiate on behalf of your clients, and follow-up with past clients. These are the activities that directly impact your production. I’m willing to bet that you do a lot of other things that are not directly related to production. Stop wasting your time! Utilize your office transaction coordinator, lean on your Title Company or Escrow Company to handle some tasks for you, hire a college student part time if you don’t already have an assistant. However you decide to do it, make a conscious effort to minimize the things you do that are not revenue generating.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing

Pick a marketing strategy that you can apply to all of your listings. Stop trying to be so creative. If you must, have two strategies, one for your ‘high end’ listings and one for everything else. The same thing applies to your personal marketing. Decide on a marketing campaign and stick with it for a while (at least 6 months). Many agents spend far too much time worrying about their marketing. Marketing might be fun…but you are a sales professional, not a marketing executive. Hire someone else to manage your marketing for you…and get out of the way!

This is my favorite….Eliminate the dumb things

We often continue to do things that no longer make sense simply out of habit and this can be a major productivity waster. For the next two weeks, pay attention to what you are doing, and think about why you are doing it. Is it necessary? Does it add value? Is there a better way? Systems and processes become outdated over time. What made sense 6 months or a year ago may be completely irrelevant today. If it no longer benefits you or your business, stop doing it.

I challenge you to implement these four suggestions. I think you will be amazed at how much easier it will be for you to stay in “production mode” versus “reaction mode”.