Do You Really Need a Licensed Real Estate Assistant?

Do you really need a licensed real estate assistant to help you grow your team, or would an unlicensed assistant suit your needs? In this article, I break down the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed real estate assistant's job description, and we'll talk about some of the pros and cons of hiring a licensed assistant. 

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Real Estate Assistants are the backbone of every successful real estate team and may Realtors think that they must hire a Licensed Real Estate Assistant for their team. However, that may NOT be the right option for you.

Pro R.E.A. Staffing has been placing licensed and unlicensed real estate assistants with teams nationwide since 2008. At this point, we have placed almost 1000 assistants across the country. So, we have this licensed versus unlicensed conversation with a lot of agents and today, I am going to break down the real estate assistant job description for you. 

Before we get into it, I do want to give you one caveat: we're going to base this conversation on California law. We are doing that because we place many, many assistants in California, and California is one of the most highly regulated states in the nation. If you are not in California, some of this might not completely apply to you, and you should check the laws in your state for licensed versus unlicensed assistants. However, the basics that we cover here are universal across the country. 

Let's review the Real Estate Sales Cycle

Real Estate Sales Cycle.png

Lead Generation

An assistant can do everything you would expect from an assistant when it comes to lead generation.

Lead Generation - Unlicensed Assistant.png

A licensed assistant can do everything you do, and therefore, they could solicit business and make cold calls for you. The reason why you do not want your assistant to act as a sales agent and solicit business is a topic for another day but for the sake of this article, let's just acknowledge that your job is to sell; their job is to support you in doing that. As you can see, when it comes to the lead generation portion of your business, you only need an unlicensed assistant.


An unlicensed assistant can research properties, schedule showings, they can provide feedback. They can even open doors for clients. For example, if you have a buyer who wants to go back and see a house a second time, it's completely appropriate for your unlicensed assistant to open that door for them. And, they can draft offers under your supervision.

A licensed assistant can discuss price and square footage, they can discuss the merits of the home and the neighborhood, and then they could write and submit an offer for that buyer. 


When it comes to listings, and unlicensed assistant can handle a lot.

Real Estate Listings Job Description.png

If you are in a position to hire a listing / marketing coordinator, I would not be concerned about them holding a real estate license. Now, as your team grows and you're handing off more and more of your core responsibilities, a licensed assistant can help you by:

Real Estate Listings Assistant Job Description.png

As you can see, the Licensed Real Estate Assistant tasks are the tasks that you're going to hold on to the longest. So, for most people who are considering hiring their first or second assistant, if focusing on listings is a core part of the job that you need filled, an unlicensed assistant is probably sufficient. Moving on to transactions. 

Transaction Management

An unlicensed assistant or a transaction coordinator, can handle a lot of the core responsibilities required to take a transaction from Contract to Close. 

real estate transaction job description.png

An unlicensed assistant can not negotiate request for repairs and discuss the contract with the client.

Admin and Marketing

Everything that falls under this category can be handled by an unlicensed assistant.

real estate assistant.png
licenses vs. unlicensed assistant.png

If you're ready to hire your licensed or unlicensed real estate assistant, make sure to download our free report on the Five Job Ad Must-haves. We have spent years cracking the code on how to attract talent through our job ads, and we're going to share some of the things that just, you must do if you want to attract talent through your job ads.