Your Assistant and Accountability Partner

The end of the calendar year is a time for reflection and planning for the year ahead.  What goals did you set out for yourself at the beginning of 2011?  What improvements did you make over the last year, and what would you like to improve upon in the immediate future?  In what ways did you surprise yourself, and how did those successes come about? If you’ve made the wise decision to leverage your business with an assistant, I suggest that you capitalize on their talents and inspire more teamwork and success in the year to come by utilizing your assistant as your Personal Accountability Coach.

Your assistant knows your business, the way you work, and the rhythm of your weekly schedule.  They can help you achieving new levels of success by holding you accountable.  To begin, involve your assistant in plotting your business plan for 2012 and make sure they are on board with your goals.  Identify those goals in measurable terms and break them down into monthly, quarterly and yearly guidelines.


Once you’ve broken down the overall schedule of measurable, achievable goals, name the tasks your assistant can do to help you reach them.  These can include tasks such as an end-of-day reminder of your next day’s appointments, maintaining your calendar, creating buyer and seller packages, updating contacts, and creating call sheets for your daily contacts.

Next, identify specific, measurable tasks that YOU must perform in order to reach your goals and put your assistant in charge of holding you accountable.  This part is chiefly about what you are willing to commit to in order to hold to your business plan.  Map out a plan for success by creating a task list that is do-able.

Some examples of measurable goals are;

-          Call 10 people from your database everyday

-          Schedule 1 face to face meeting with a SOI or past client each week

-          Attend 1 networking event each month

-          Enter 20 new contacts into database each week

-          Add 10 new FaceBook friends and 5 new “likes” on fan page each week

-          Post 3 articles on blog each week

-          Take 4 listings per month

Put your assistant in charge of tracking your daily, weekly and monthly results, as well as reporting on these figures during your weekly team meeting.  As additional incentive for both of you, tie at least part of your assistant’s bonus to reaching the goals the two of your set together.

While consistent effort is key, your numbers may vary from week to week.  Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged and throw out the baby with the bathwater!  If you have an “off” day or week, just recommit your efforts and get back on track again as quickly as possible.

In order for your new 2012 Accountability Business Plan to work, you must empower your assistant to take charge and hold you accountable.  If you ignore your assistant, they will become discouraged and stop trying.  Remember, they shouldn’t have to nag you to get you to accomplish what you’ve both set out to achieve.  And likewise, you shouldn’t have to remind your assistant that it is their job to track and monitor your team goals.

Finally, set yourself up for success by taking on realistic goals.  Keep it simple by focusing on three to five short-term goals at a time.

Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

If you need help in creating that plan, contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you and your team to a fantastic 2012.

ProREA Staffing wishes you every success in the coming year.