Office Procedural Manual: Database Management

You go to social networking events, you trade business cards with people in the supermarket line, and you knock doors in your farm.  The crucial next step is getting those people you’ve already made contact with into your database!  Proper, continual management of your database is the lifeblood of your business.  With a clearly outlined database management system, you’ll never need to worry about letting a contact fall through the cracks.  Ensuring your contacts are dealt with correctly means you are following through with the most important element of your business – lead generation.  And time is of the essence when trying to convert leads into clients.  A good database management system will help you implement appropriate plans of action for each and every contact, increasing your chances of them becoming the source of your next deal.


Continuing with the Office Procedural Manual, this month we give you page 8, Database Management.  Below is a sample outline of database system procedures.  You can use this as a starting point, or template, for your own system in your Office Manual.

  • All business cards are put in Assistant's In Box with a code denoting what contact group the contact belongs in.  Assistant should remind Agent to give them the new business cards every few days.  Assistant enters contacts and assigns to proper plan.
  • Assistant cleans up database emails every month based on bounced back emails.
  • Agent's goal is to make 10 calls per day from the database.  Assistant will hand call list to agent every morning at 9am and enter notes and follow-up into the database by the end of the day.
  • Do not add additional Contact Groups without consulting the team first. For ease of use, we use as few Contact Groups as possible.   Select the Contact Group that best fits the contact and then add a Note to provide more detail.  For example:
    • An Attorney would go under “Vendor” with a Note stating “Real Estate Attorney” (in our office we always say “attorney” and never “lawyer”
    • An out of state Realtor would go under “Realtor” with a Note stating “Out of State Realtor, New Jersey”
  • We use four Action Plans in our database:
    • New Seller Lead – apply to Seller leads
    • New Buyer Lead – apply to Buyer leads
    • Year Long Touch Plan – apply to all Met contacts, after Buyer or Seller plan is complete
    • 5 yr Past Client Follow-up Plan – apply to all past clients after close of sale

Outline your database system and procedures as clearly as possible for your team and future staff.  Revise your outline as necessary to incorporate changes in your growing business. 

Office Manual: Database Management

For more guidance, or help getting your database system running smoothly, contact  ProREA Staffing for a consultation.

To your continued success!