Does your Assistant have a plan for 2015?

By now, most Realtors have completed their 2015 business plan and are starting to implement their 2015 strategy for the year. But what about the real estate assistants who run those offices?

Do they have a clear plan of action for how they are going to contribute to the business and to their own career goals? We ask Real Estate Administrators to take initiative, to be proactive in solving problems, and to come up with creative ways to grow the business but I don’t think we give them enough support in creating their personal action plan for the year.

This Real Estate Assistant Business Plan for 2015 is a great place for Admins to start their planning process for the year.


Share this with your lead Admin and share your written 2015 goals with them. Then ask them to create their own 2015 Business Plan and to share it with you.

Best wishes in 2015 to you AND your team!