Plan For a Strong Foundation

It’s that time of year, again! Time to dust off your 2016 Business Plan, take stock, and start putting a plan in place for 2017. Marketing and expansion plans will most certainly be part of the equation however, I would like to encourage you to go back to the fundamentals first. Start with the two things that form the foundation of your business: sales and service. These are the two factors that, no matter what is happening in the market, will have the most influence on your success.


If you do nothing else as you prepare your business for 2017, I encourage you to ask:

  1. In what ways can I improve my prospecting and lead generation efforts?

  2. In what ways can I improve the level of service I provide clients?

If you have an assistant, here are some ways they can help you shore up your business foundation so that no matter what happens with the market, you are prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. And remember, even in slow or uncertain markets, some agents capitalize on opportunities.

Three Ways Your Assistant Can Support Your Lead Generation Efforts:

  1. Protect your time. Your assistant should be a fearless gatekeeper of your time. If your goal is to prospect 10 hours per week, then their job is to make it happen—no matter what.

  2. Keep it simple. When you show up to prospect you should be able to hit the ground running. This may mean that your assistant hands you a call list, a map of the neighborhood you need to door knock, or maybe it means handing you a stack of business cards as you head out to a networking event. The point is: the less effort YOU have to put into prospecting, the more likely you are to do it.

  3. Make it fun. A great assistant is your biggest cheerleader, your closest accountability partner, and sometimes, your toughest boss. YOU have to show up and do the work but if you are lucky, you have someone in your corner who is as excited about your “wins” as you are.

Three Ways Your Assistant Can Improve Your Level of Service:

  1. Lock-in your systems. I think this is obvious but it bares repeating because at least 50% of the top producing teams I speak with lack basic systems such as a CRM or a Listing Checklist. If you want to improve your level of service, you must provide consistent and reliable results. That is only possible when solid systems are in place.

  2. Step up client communication. On your team, this may mean having your assistant read your emails and respond on your behalf in order to ensure a timely response. Or, it may mean creating templated emails to send to clients during the transaction process, letting them know what to expect.

  3. Invest in ongoing training. The more your assistant knows, the better they can protect you and your clients. Whether it is a coaching program, a contracts class in your office, or one-on-one training with you, assistants need ongoing education, just like you.

If you are planning to add to your team in 2017, this is the PERFECT time to start your search. Many candidates start looking now, with the goal of making a move at the end of December, or early January. Schedule a FREE Consultation to help your business grow or get you the assistant you need.

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