Love and Real Estate

The Month of Love It can be a challenging business, this world of real estate.  When the going gets tough, what keeps you going, moving forward?  Successful people in all walks of life, and especially real estate, will tell you that you must find what you love about the business to keep you motivated, positive, and satisfied with your career choice.


What do you LOVE about real estate?

There are so many facets and varied skills required in the field of real estate.  Chances are you’re not madly in love with every single one of them.  But take a moment to think about what you do love, what really gets you jazzed and motivated each business day.

Design and Architecture – The pure art and enjoyment of good design and architecture can be a hugely motivating factor for some Realtors.  In what other profession do you get to experience beautiful, interesting spaces on such a regular basis?  What other job lets you see firsthand how other people live in their spaces?  Lots of people may love House Beautiful or Architectural Digest, but you get to live it!  Take advantage of Open Houses and Brokers’ Caravans to see unique or historical properties.  It will keep you informed and inspired.

Meeting New People, the Social Aspect of the Business – They say the most effective kind of lead generation is the type that you will actually do on a regular basis. Are you a social butterfly?  Do you reply “Yes!” to every Evite, be it birthday, cocktail or holiday party?  Then you are a natural social networker.  You love to meet new people, and your effusive personality will draw new potential clients to you.  Don’t be shy about letting everyone you meet know what you do.  The leads will flow naturally.

How Every Day is Different – There’s a reason you find all kinds of creative and diverse personalities in the field of real estate.  For those allergic to monotony, real estate is a great match!  Each day is filled with different activities and challenges depending on you and your clients’ needs.

Creating Your Own Schedule – Was not punching a clock, or being chained to a desk from 9 to 5 a big determining factor in making your career choice?  The freedom can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your time management skills.  Part of being a successful Realtor is creating and adhering to a realistic schedule.  If you need help with creating a workable schedule, or just need a boost in the time management department, get the assistance you need to succeed.  ProREA Staffing is expert in schedule creation and accountability, in person or virtually.

Making the Deal, Negotiating – The thrill of going to bat for your client and making a win-win deal is a huge motivator for some.  It can be a rush to go the bargaining table and bring back a big win for your client.  You feel capable, savvy and smart and, most importantly, that you are truly protecting your client’s best interest.

If negotiating is not your strong suit, a facet of the business that causes you stress or anxiety, it may be time to brush up on those skills.  Avail yourself of the many scripts and dialogues available for practice, online and in classes.  A ProREA Staffing assistant can hold you accountable to practicing these skills until they become second nature.

The Hunt, Finding the Right Home for your Buyer – Finding the perfect home for your buyer is not unlike matching them up with a perfect date.  A potential mate…or home must have certain qualities and features, must not have others, has to be geographically desirable and needs to ignite a certain amount of excitement in your client to give them ample reason to pursue.  Like a good yenta, you must listen to what they want, notice what they respond to, and make sure the personalities of the client and the home are a good fit.  When a match is made, everyone is happy and you feel great for a job well done.

Creative Marketing of Your Listings – Is photography, graphic design or creative writing a passion of yours?  If so, you probably take great satisfaction in creating excellent marketing pieces for your listings, and yourself as a Realtor!  Use this interest and talent to set yourself apart from the standard issue ads, flyers and brochures that flood our industry.  Think outside the box and really make these pieces your own, branding yourself and your team in the process.

The key to enjoying and succeeding in this business is doing what you LOVE well, and delegating the rest.  Marketing not your thing?  Scheduling a challenge?  Scouring the listings not your favorite way to spend your valuable time?  ProREA can provide you with highly skilled support to take care of your not-so-favorite parts of the business, so you can spend more time on the things you LOVE!  Call us today for a complimentary consultation.