Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

How does your average Realtor become a tech savvy super agent with a web presence?  The answer is Social Media Marketing, and it doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it may seem.  The key to effectively utilizing the world of social media is consistency.  And with the help of a skilled ProREA Staffing assistant, or your own assistant, you can take social media marketing off your “to-do” list and move it over to “done!” Here are some of the many ways a ProREA Assistant can help you create and maintain a successful online marketing plan;


Monthly Newsletter – Offering valuable information on a monthly basis is one of the best services you can provide.  It will endear you to current and future clients, and let them know you are on top of what’s happening in the market.  In 2-3 hours of work time, your assistant can create and send an eNewsletter on a monthly basis.

Blogging – Regular posting to a blog on your own website, or on sites like ActiveRain, can immensely increase your web presence.  Posting career updates, sales news, and helpful information shows you are “moving and shaking” in the real estate world.  Your ProREA Assistant can create and post blogs for you two to three times per week, with a time expenditure of only about 30 minutes each.

Twitter Updates – Show the world you are up-to-the-minute and on-trend with your social media marketing by using Twitter.  Twitter uses brief messages, up to 140 characters, to send instant updates to followers and friends.  A quick message let’s everyone know your efforts, successes, and witticisms.  Each tweet takes less than three minutes, and can be taken care of by your trusty assistant as frequently as you prefer.  

FaceBook – An international phenomenon, FaceBook is the way so many people are connecting, and reconnecting.  Use this powerful social marketing tool to network with everyone you know, and everyone they know!  Your ProREA Assistant can make “friend requests” on FaceBook for your entire list of contacts, and interact with them on your behalf. They can also create a “fan page” for your business which can show off your listings, blog posts, and other information. If you’re not using this powerful networking tool to secure referrals and stay in touch, you’re missing out. 

Everyone understands the current market demands that agents work harder for every dollar earned.  Make sure you’re also working smarter by employing all the social media tools available to you for little or no cost.  Give yourself some low-cost leverage by hiring a ProREA Assistant to create, implement, and manage your social media networking plan.  It’s inexpensive, it’s current, and it is so important to show the World Wide Web you are in the know!