Office Prodedural Manual: Phone Scripts and Messages


As we march through the end of winter and look toward spring, we hope your business is gaining momentum and benefiting from your improved systems.  This month we pick up where we left off with pages 4 and 5 of your Office Procedural Manual:



Phone Script

Calls Procedure




While these items may seem like clear no-brainers, it’s important to have all members of your team on the same page in regards to how phone calls are handled.  Instituting a standardized phone script ensures that no matter who answers the phone, the same greeting will be given.  This consistency automatically creates an air of professionalism for your business. 


You will also want to create a routine calls procedure for handling call interruptions and do not disturb requests.  For example, if you are on the phone or in a meeting and an important call comes in do you want to be interrupted and if so, how?  Again, having this in place will eliminate confusion and frustration and further create a professional atmosphere in your office.


With contacts and communication being the life-blood of your business, it is imperative that you determine who is responsible for retrieving messages and returning calls.  Use the following page to break down responsibilities for office phone, voice mail, cell phone and email duties.  Be as specific as possible so you don’t let a single message fall through the cracks.  Here is an example of what your message retrieval and tracking system might look like:


Main Office Line: Admin checks messages first thing in the morning and every hour throughout the day.

Agent’s Cell Phone: Agent is responsible for calls to the cell.

Agent’s Email: Admin checks email first thing in the morning, at noon and at end of day.  Delete spam, respond to any email that you have an answer to.  Flag all emails that require Agent’s attention.

Messages: All voicemails are recorded in the Message Tracking Excel Workbook and are emailed to the agent.  This is an example of what the subject line should look like: MSG: Mr. Kelsey / Termite Report issue / (310) xxx-xxxx.  Include more detail within the email.  Once the Agent has called the person back Agent is responsible for responding to the email with the outcome.  This could lft vm – remind me to call again, COMPLETE, add notes to file: “…………”, be: etc.  Log the outcome in the Message Tracking Excel Workbook.

Our Standard for Returning Calls: All calls must be returned within 3 hours.  If Agent cannot return the call in that time Admin must return the call on the Agent’s behalf and explain that Agent will call as soon as they are available.  Review Message Tracking Excel Workbook throughout the day and make sure that all calls are resolved by the end of the day. 


First impressions are so important, and follow up is imperative.  Make sure your clients and the agent community see and hear your professionalism from the first call, and consistently throughout each point of contact.  Clearly defined phone scripts, call procedures and message plans ensure your team handles each call like the pros they are!


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Phone Script and Call Interuptions

Message Taking