Four Steps to Greater Office Productivity

Here are four proven steps for getting better results from your assistant. The old adage "you get out what you put into it" holds especially true when it comes to managing a real estate team.  Your assistant, no matter how good, needs feedback and direction from you on a regular basis in order to give you their very best performance.  Here are four simple changes you can make in your management approach that will provide the biggest impact on the productivity of your office.


 #1.  Hold a weekly office meeting

Most agents really struggle with this!  However this meeting is crucial to running your office.  Use this time to review all of your current leads, active listings and pending escrows.  You should also talk about any larger projects your assistant is working on such as your marketing campaign or organizing your office.  And speaking of organization...this is the time when the two of you should go through your Inbox to ensure that everything that needs your attention has been addressed.  Set deadlines for any assignments you make.  Ask your assistant to take notes and review those notes at the next meeting to ensure that deadlines are being met.

#2. Communicate your priorities, standards and expectations

Make a conscious effort to give continuous feedback.  Your priorities change on a minute by minute basis and your assistant does not know what is important to you unless you tell them.  Additionally, when your assistant's performance does not meet your standards, give constructive feedback in a timely manner.  Remember...unless your assistant understands your expectations they will rarely meet them!

#3. Ask your assistant to send you a report at the end of the day outlining what was accomplished and what is still pending. 

We call this the Daily Update and it is by far the most efficient way to give you piece of mind and hold your assistant accountable.  You should know everyday what your assistant accomplished and what is still pending.  EVERYTHING that you ask for and every significant task that is completed day should be on this report and emailed to you each night.  Each evening, or in the morning, review the report and respond back.  Ask questions about things that are not clear, assign new tasks, and let your assistant know about any priorities that have changed.

 #4. Establish clear systems and checklists for recurring tasks in your office

Almost everything your assistant does can be put on a checklist.  All leads go into a system; every listing goes through a similar process, etc.  Once you and your assistant establish clear processes for doing the tasks related their job, there is very little discussion regarding what your assistant should be doing.  If you don't want to spend a lot of time managing, run your business off of checklists.

Making the time and effort to develop a strong team is one of the best ways to get leverage in your business.  Just remember that you set the tone for how your office is run.  You decide ultimately how productive your business can be.  By communicating regularly and clearly to your staff you give them the best opportunity to be successful...and ultimately make you successful.