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From Assistant to Operations Manager: How to Promote Your Real Estate Business’ Secret Weapon

How do you know whether you should promote your assistant to a managerial position? And what should you expect in doing so? Below, we’ve outlined some of the main differences between an assistant and operations manager, as well as what you can expect in making the transition.  

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How to let go of tasks and delegate || Real Estate Team Building

If you are a micromanager or you know that you need to learn how to let go and delegate to your team so that you can grow in your role this video is for you. Today I’m going to share five strategies that helped me transition from being the "Jill of All Trades" in my business to being the leader of a highly effective team.

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The Secret to Motivating Your Employees

Why do you do what you do? Is it to make the most money or impact people’s lives? Is it to beat the competition or to contribute to the world in a meaningful way? The truth is that everyone needs a reason to do what they do. And while everyone may need a job to pay the bills, money isn't the core motivating factor for most people to do quality work. In fact, it rarely is.

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