Interview Questions for Millennials

In last month’s newsletter I shared a couple of fun videos about the Millennial generation and what it is like to work with them. (If you didn’t see them, check them out here). 

As I shared in that article, the common complaint about the Millennial generation is that they don’t share the same “core values” as their predecessors. This month I want offer some interview questions that will help to uncover whether your candidates’ core values match your own, (regardless of whether they are Millennials or not). When deciding which candidate to hire it is important to remember that skills can be taught however work ethic, values, and leadership potential cannot.  These questions will help to uncover whether or not a candidate has the drive, values and potential every employer seeks in a top assistant.

Proven work ethic

Are they willing to go the extra mile? Tell me about a time when you identified and solved a problem at work without being asked. Maybe you noticed that a system was broken, or saw an opportunity to improve something that wasn’t part of your job description. Why did you make the effort to do this?

Is being merely competent acceptable? When is being merely “good”, “good enough”? 

Is there a willingness to put in long hours if success requires it? Have you ever had a job that you stayed late and worked on the weekends for because you wanted to? What were you working on? What motivated you to put in long hours?


Strong value system

Do they have respect for authority and a sense of professional integrity? What would you do if your boss asked you to do something a certain way but you knew of a short-cut that would garner the same result?

Are they self-confident without being unbearably arrogant? What sets you apart from all applicants? Name 3 adjectives that best describe you, why?

Do they have the capacity to treat clients as they would like to be treated themselves? Tell me about one of your most frustrating clients. Why did they frustrate you? Could they tell how you were feeling?

Proven or potential leadership

Do they have college or early work history that would indicate leadership capabilities? Tell me about your first leadership position, either during school or at work. Looking back, what would you do differently if you could go back and hold that position again. What leadership traits did you gain in this position?

Are they dedicated to self-improvement? What skills have you taken the time to learn or improve in the last year?

Do they have credible ideas for the future while maintaining an open mind to new ideas and approaches? Tell me about your 5 year plan. How does this position fit into where you want to go in your career and your life in general? What additional steps do you need to take to reach your goals?

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Happy Interviewing!