Technology for Real Estate Teams in 2018

With all the technology that’s available to agents and teams, there’s no reason why you should still be spending hours on your marketing or recreating the wheel with your listing systems.

Of course, some tech tools are better than others. Here are a few of our favorite tools and platforms that will enable you to save time, streamline team collaboration and make sure you remain on the cutting edge of marketing and productivity.

There are no affiliate links here - just a list of platforms and tools that we admire.


CRM and lead prospecting platforms


Talk about a great way to stay organized, AND market your listings, AND capture leads. Created by mega agent Ben Kinney, Brivity clearly wants to be as much of a one-stop shop as possible. You can use Brivity to manage projects and listings and communicate with clients. Their easy-to-use templates allow you to expedite those hard-to-pen responses. Email updates and checklists help you and your team keep on top of your transactions and your clients feel well taken care of.

Platform users can also create IDX and lead capturing sites that automatically filter leads into your CRM, where you can put them on customized email drip campaigns. It’s so much that it’s a little overwhelming, but you can start with a basic plan and expand from there, not to mention take advantage of the vast library of tutorials Brivity offers.


The biggest hurdle for most agents is deciding who to call first. Well, Revaluate figures that out for you. It does that by scouring the internet for triggers—like certain purchases—that indicate someone might soon be looking to buy or sell. If it sounds a little Big Brother-y, we wouldn’t argue with you there, but if you only had to make 20 calls instead of 200 to find your next deal, it’d be worth it, right?

As you build your list, Revaluate will help organize contacts, weeding out dead contacts and keep your list up-to-date and prioritized. The Revaluate Pro allows you to collect and rank prospective clients quickly by collating and ranking your contacts through Google or Office Pro. You don’t have to be an experienced agent with loads of contacts to benefit from this app.

Productivity tools


This project management software (formerly known as daPulse) makes collaborating and communicating with your team a piece of cake. You can assign tasks to team members, create visual timelines for your projects, and communicate with your team directly through the app.

It also offers an organized and totally customizable interface that encourages and incentivizes collaboration among team members—which, let’s face it, is where this product really shines. When it comes to project management, Monday has got you covered with scheduling and collaboration. It allows you to monitor projects and gives in-depth insights, providing solid analytics and reporting.


If you’re looking for something a little simpler and cheaper, Trello packs a punch. Its aesthetically appealing, drag-and-drop style interface allows you to track your progress at a glance. You can create multiple boards for every aspect of your business, like transactions, client events and marketing, then create as many lists within each of your boards as you need.

Trello’s free version allows you to attach files up to 10MB, though upgrades are, of course, available for a modest fee. One of the highlights we were impressed with was the ability to have unlimited users on a single account, which definitely helps with team collaboration! You can create new docs right on the app and preview files as well as manage multiple boards, lists and cards. It also connects to Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

Marketing tools


Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, which is why if you’re looking to bring a little more “you” into your marketing, you might want to consider video. BombBomb is extremely user-friendly, and unlike with YouTube, you can put video previews directly into your message. With a Google Chrome extension, you can send videos directly from Gmail, or you can send them directly from your phone when you’re on the go. Send your clients a quick “congrats” video if you’re not able to make it to the signing, or create fully customized email drip automations for every kind of lead or contact you have. BombBomb’s customer support is pretty fantastic, too.


You don’t have to have an art degree or be a Photoshop veteran to make professional-looking postcards and Facebook ads. Canva makes digital design simple. Need new business cards, personalized thank-you notes or “just sold” flyers? With tons of existing layouts to get you started on a new design, the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes editing easy for even the most aesthetically challenged. Simply upload your own file or check out the huge library of stock images to choose from. When it comes to creating eye-catching content, they’ve thought of pretty much everything you may need. It’s totally free to use, with the exception of certain premium graphics and images you can use for a small fee.

Did we miss any of your favorite tools? Let us know what tech your team can’t live without!