Top Ten…no…Eleven Things to Do When You Have Some Downtime

Downtime can be nice, occasionally.  It can be frustrating when you know there are plenty of things to do; things that are so basic it’s easy to let them slip by.  They nag at you when you’re busy, but you can’t think of them when you finally have time to do them.  You could sit and chat, or start some chores to save you time when things pick back up. Don’t procrastinate any longer. This opportunity won’t last forever!

1. Clean out and update the contact database to streamline prospecting efforts.

2. Collect all usernames and passwords. Save a hard copy someplace safe and accessible.

3. Review all checklists and forms. Are they current and complete?

4. Clean out file drawers; move files older than 1 year to storage; shred files older than six years, or your required time-frame. Purge all unnecessary items.

5. Review agent bios (on company website, personal website, social networking sites, listing presentation, etc.) to confirm that it is current and complete.

6. Review personal website and marketing materials. Is it time for an update?

7. If you don’t have one already, implement a system for tracking income and expenses. (QuickBooks or Quicken)

8. Review bills (cell phone, internet, insurance, etc.) can any of those recurring costs be reduced with a quick phone call or price-shop?

9. Create an Office Manual with all of your forms, checklists, explanations of procedures, vendor list, usernames and passwords, assistant job description and recurring tasks, etc. There are lots of models to borrow from when forming a manual. This guide book to running your office will become invaluable over time.

10. Create or update your listing presentation.

And #11 – Evaluate your goals for this month and quarter. Are they in line with your goals for this new year? Are your daily activities in line with your long term strategies? Are they in line with your “bigger picture”?