5 Reasons Why You Should Not Manage Your Database

Last week I wrote a gleeful blog post called Messy Database + Procrastination = ??? It was about how I successfully cleaned up and organized my Outlook database of 600 contacts in about an hour.  In the article I mentioned that my client database is housed in Top Producer and that it is MUCH better organized than my personal database thanks to my talented and diligent assistant. One of the most valuable and business-changing services we offer at ProREA Staffing is database organization and management.  I am a model example of why this service is so incredibly necessary and today I want to share my Top Five reasons why I delegate the responsibility of managing my database and why you should too.


#1 - Just because you have the ability to type contact information into your database doesn't mean that you will.

I think a lot of people feel guilty about delegating a task that they are perfectly capable of doing.  Data entry is not difficult, but it isn't much fun either.  An old boss of mine was famous around the office for only doing the tasks that he absolutely had to do and the ones that he liked doing.  Everything else was delegated.  He was an extreme case but it was a good lesson learned.  Be honest with yourself about what you really will do and delegate the rest.

#2 - Just because you have the ability to type contact information into your database doesn't mean that you should.

There are a lot of reasons why you and I should not take responsibility for database management.  The most basic is this: we are not very good at it.  I have seen a lot of Realtor databases and most of these typically have large amounts of missing information, nothing is categorized properly, there are few if any notes, and rarely are there reminders to follow-up.  Basically, most of these databases are big fat messes.  (Disclaimer Here: I know that not everyone has the type of database I describe here.  If you have a shinning example of a functioning database and you manage it yourself GOOD FOR YOU!!!  Go ahead and skip to reason #5)

#3 - If you want to feel busy, write a blog post.

Data entry is a great way to feel like you are working.  Are you really working though, you are you just keeping busy?  If you want to feel busy do something that can make a difference in your business that only you can do.

#4 - A properly functioning database requires that specific systems are followed....consistently.

Doing the same thing over and over again is a consistent way is really HARD for a lot of people.  The mark of a good assistant is that they naturally and instinctively do this.  They like systems, and order, and checklist.  These things actually make them happy, and satisfied!  Entrusting your database (the life-blood of your business) to someone who will care for it in a systematic way makes a lot of sense.

#5 - Data entry is not a Dollar Productive Activity.

This is really the most important reason why you should not spend your time on database management.  Database management is simply not a smart use of your time. And, it is an opportunity lost because instead of doing hourly wage work you could be building your business.