Limiting Beliefs

This month I want to share an article that was written by a staffing client of mine. It landed in my inbox last week and as I read it I thought, "Wow! I couldn't have said it better myself!"


Heidi Prosser is a successful commercial real estate broker and a past client of mine. I placed her Operations Manager and Escrow Coordinator. Now that her team is operating at peak efficiency, Heidi has the opportunity to step away day-to-day operations to focus on her #1 passion which is coaching and mentoring others.

For me, her story is an inspiration. She grew her real estate business with a clearly defined goal; to build a business that operated smoothly even when she wasn't there. She didn't let limiting beliefs interfere with her vision for her company and now she is reaping the rewards.

This article is about some of the limiting beliefs agents tell themselves regarding hiring an assistant and how to readjust your thought process.

Vanessa Rosenblum


     3 Limiting Beliefs...

That may be holding you back from hiring the assistant

you need to grow your biz.

By, Heid Prosser


My question for you is: how are you affording to NOT have an assistant?

The fact is that more than likely you are currently doing NUMEROUS activities each and every day that you could be hiring someone to do for $12-$15-$20/hour. Unless that is your current hourly rate, you are undervaluing your time. Calculate what your current hourly rate is to help you decide what type of support you are willing to expand into (full time, part time, outsource marketing, bookkeeper, etc).

I often experience woman entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed when they think about hiring a full time person and paying $35k-$50k a year, thinking that they can’t afford or don’t have that money right now. But it isn’t $35k today, it’s $3000 per month. When you hire the right person, they will be taking so many “to-do’s” off your plate, you will have the opportunity to spend your time engaging in either MORE activities to earn money, OR more time off (ideally a little bit of both!).

I remember when I first hired a full time assistant, I had earned $120k the year before and I wanted to buy a condo. I was starting to feel very burnt out and was thinking seriously about leaving the real estate industry. I remember thinking, “Ok, here is $2500 a month that could be my mortgage payment, but I am going to try this ‘team building thing out’ and use this money and invest in an assistant.” My business grew by 66% the next year, and I had more time for myself. It was the most freeing experience and I have consistently expanded my support staff both in my professional and personal life ever since.

ACTION ITEM FOR YOU: Write down all of the tasks that COULD hand off to an assistant (this is an exercise, you are not committing to anything right now). Group them together (Marketing, Transactional work, Bookkeeping, Administrative, Personal) and prioritize which one is the most important first hire. Often times at the beginning an assistant will be able to do multiple job titles at once, but it is helpful to have them categorized

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