Thrive Together

Real Estate Coaching and Workflow Training for New and Experienced Admins

Your boss has a business coach to help them perform at their best. Shouldn’t you have one, too?

Talk to your employer about enrolling you in the Admin Leaders Membership. 

admin leaders membership

Thrive Together

  • Join a group of fellow admin leaders who are as committed to their personal and professional development as you are.
  • Build new skills and share best practices with your peers so that together, we can raise the level of excellence in our industry and build careers and lives we love. 

What’s in the Thrive Together Membership? 

  • join the admin leaders

    From buyer and seller communications to marketing and lead management, this membership provides you with the tools you need to own your role. 


    A little guidance goes a long way. With your membership, you'll receive...

Personalized Coaching

Workflow Training

Additional Tools

  • Customized weekly goal tracker for your boss
  • Video library of admin mastermind sessions
  • 30+ Checklists, communication templates, tools, and other resources!

Abbey Cook

Executive Associate, Greenwood, IN

As an admin, I love that Kathleen can relate.

She always looks at the agent side and the admin side. I have learned so much from Kathleen since our first call and I will continue to learn from her. I can take all the resources I have and use them. If I ever forget she reminds me the tools I have whether it is with her training resources or another source.

Your Coach: Kathleen Metcalf 

Real Estate Admin Team Coach & Consultant
Hire LAB Co-Founder

Hi there! I support, guide and mentor entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome professional and personal obstacles. It’s my goal to help them become the leaders, managers, and team members that they want to be.

I act as the bridge between business owners and their assistants, and have done so for over 10 years. I lead teams step-by-step through creating essential systems and core habits in their office. These practices serve as the foundation that will allow you to create momentum and increase sales volume while raising the level of quality customer service.

Want to learn more? Feel free to email me with questions at

I will guide you from where you are now - through the messy, sticky, foggy, and uncertain steps - to where you are effective and inspired, with both your agent and your team. I’ll have your back every step of the way.

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