Day in the Life

CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator

Christina Jagels has been a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator at Closer PROS LLC for nine years. Find out what a Day in the Life is like for Christina.

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Christina Jagels 

CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator

Location: Bothell, Washington
Company: Closer PROS LLC
Duration: 9 Years

What was it about the company and/or the role that made you excited about the opportunity?

What are the responsibilities of a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator?

Describe a "perfect day" at work. If everything went as planned, how would your day unfold?

What are some of the things that might derail your day or some of the common challenges you face as a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator?

Finish this sentence: "When I started this job I was most surprised by..."

Describe your work environment. 

What skills and past experiences are absolutely essential for success as a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator? 

What skills do you have now that you didn't have when you started?

How do you make an impact on your company's success and/or that of your clients?

What was your job title before becoming a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator? 

What might a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator do next in their career?

Does being a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator require a specific level of education or a license?

What software programs do you use regularly at work? Are there any programs that you simply must know in order to get hired as a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator?

What advice (or words of wisdom) would you provide to someone who was interested in becoming a CEO/Lead Transaction Coordinator? 

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