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...for a rewarding career in real estate with an employer that treats you as a partner and values your contributions.

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...about your real estate career options and explore our free resources so that you can land the perfect job.

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…your professional skills and invest in your future so you can further your career in real estate.

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    Our Process

    Our quick, painless, and (most importantly) effective interview process will help us evaluate your skills and interests.

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    Roles We Fill

    We work with employers that value their employees and seek to provide stability, community, and opportunities for development.

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Day in the Life

Not sure what real estate job is the one for you? Spend a "Day in the Life" and learn what it's like to have a rewarding career in real estate. 

CEO/Lead Transaction 


Christina Jagels

Office/Contract Manager

Connie Tholen

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Prepare for Your Interview

video interview masterclass

Free Mini Masterclass: 5 Easy Ways to Nail Your Video Interview

(& Land the Job of Your Dreams)

Learn how to prepare for your next video interview so you can make an incredible first impression.

Interview Etiquette

Are you guilty of any of these interview blunders?

Employers pay attention to how prepared you are and how you conduct yourself during an interview. Is a great interview the only thing that stands between you and the job of your dreams? 

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Dive Deeper

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Offer Accepted Podcast

With Vanessa Rosenblum

On this show, real estate industry professionals share how they achieved their current level of success (and what they're doing to rise to the next level in their career or business).

Pro R.E.A. Staffing YouTube Channel 

Are you more of a visual learner? Then you're going to love our YouTube channel. 

Jump in with Pro R.E.A. President & Founder Vanessa Rosenblum and her lead recruiters as they give you insider tips on how to land your dream job in real estate. 

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Your recommendation to interview for the position was the best career move I've ever made.

I celebrated my third year with Stephanie back in March and it's always around my anniversary that I think about you with gratitude and appreciation for matching me with, what continues to be, my dream job with the most amazing mentor I could have ever hoped for. I am eternally grateful for you."

Chloe Nelson, The Stephanie Younger Group


Accelerate Your Career

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Admin Leaders Membership

Learn Together, Grow Together

Assistants who participate in coaching report higher levels of job satisfaction and less stress! Join a community of peers and find new ways to become even better at your job.

REA 101: The Essential Guide

Develop Your Skills - FAST

REA 101 is a 12-module online and on-demand training course for brand new and experienced real estate assistants. By the end of the training course, you will have the tools you need to succeed in your role. 

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About Us


Pro R.E.A. Staffing helps job-seekers and employers come together to build purpose-driven partnerships in the real estate industry.